Advanced Bakery Services
10 Ways to Reduce Service Expenses

Just a few Tips......

1. KEEP A LIST OF SERVICE CALLS ON EQUIPMENT. Have available a list of the services recently performed on the equipment so that the technician can review the "patient's" history before servicing.

2. KEEP A LIST OF SOUNDS, NOISES AND PROBLEMS. Write down what noises are heard and under what circumstances (e.g., when the oven starts) for the technician to review.

3. KNOW WHEN PM SERVICES ARE TO BE PERFORMED. If services beyond the PM are needed but can be delayed until the next PM, they may be performed less expensively (i.e., no separate trip charge)

4. ASK FOR TRAINING. Ask the technician to train new employees on equipment use while he is on-site.

5. DON'T ADJUST THE EQUIPMENT UNNCECESSARILY. Very few, if any, adjustments should be required once the equipment is "dialed in." If it does require excessive adjustments, tell the technician.

6. TELL THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Don't exaggerate when you describle problems, but don't minimize. You might inadvertently mask the real problem.

7. CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAN! While it's necessary to shine the equipment, it is important to keep the "crusties" off.

8. TELL US WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE FUTURE. When a big promotion is scheduled, or if the equipment needs special attention for any reason, let the technician know as soon as possible.

9. ASK WHAT'S HAPPENING. Make sure that the technician tells the manager or person in charge exactly what they did so there are no suprises, and to learn if there are things that can be done to reduce services in the future.

10. LOVE YOUR OVEN! It will work better and longer if maintained. Help the technicians help you. Remember, if it's not working, you might not be working!